Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade play dough!!!

Out of my boredom and desperation for homemade gifts for my cousins, I created THIS!!!!!

pardon the horrid quality, I took this pic with my nearly dead iphone. This was a lot of fun to make, not all that messy (the pots were a pain in the butt to clean though...) and fairly simple. I made a green batch as well, but instead of food coloring I just boiled a whack of spinach for about 20 minutes (until I got this weird greenish/yellowy/brown color - which i was concerned about at first) and used that water, it ended up being a soft pastel green color!! weird. I also whipped up a batch of crayons!! ha! take THAT Martha Stewart! lol, just kidding!! (please don't sue me!). I would post pics of the crayons (which are a fun Christmas shape), but my phone is on its last legs...

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